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Songs about wanting more in life

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Songs about wanting more in life

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Via youtube. Five days after coming home, I got a call that my grandma was in the hospital. At the time, we thought it was a stroke, but it turned out to be a brain aneurysm and there was nothing we could do. I was absolutely heartbroken. She never missed anything I participated in: She was at every soccer game, every dance recital, and this May, she watched me walk across the stage at my college graduation. I can't even put into words how proud of me she was.

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Adele's pop song is one of unrequited love.

Something More — Get it on iTunes Mpre More by Sugarland is the first obvious choice for a song about going for the gusto in this life! I can't even put into words how proud of me she was. One stormy night, however, her husband is late returning from work, and she becomes worried.

From sitting on the front porch to enjoying time with friends, these are the songs that show us what really matters. The song was part of the soundtrack for the movie Paper Towns about a high school student who looks for a missing girl he is in love with, using mysterious clues she left behind regarding her disappearance.

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He admits These are perfect for a living funeraldance party, or a solo car ride. All we really need is air to breathe, a place to rest our he, and of course, each other.

He'll always carry this tragic burden. She never missed anything I participated in: She was at every soccer game, every dance recital, and this May, she watched me walk across the stage at my college graduation. Time to release it. Whatever you're looking for in life, I hope you find it.

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Rhianna Even when you think times are at their worst, pop a bottle and stay grateful for what you have. The Zac Brown Band encourages listeners to remember that life always goes on. Your last breath could be closer than you think, so you need to go for the things that matter to you. Topeka craigslist electronics that may seem obvious, the narrator in this iconic rock song still feels unsatisfied, empty, and lost in spite of his life altering experiences and travels.

33 songs that can actually change your life

Rest in peace Troy Gentry. I was absolutely heartbroken. Close your eyes and scream sing, get it out. Are you enjoying the ride?

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Listen to the playlist while you work. A woman searches for a decision as to whether she should confess her love and face potential rejection or instead continue to stay in the background and wonder "what if?

Share This Story Image via Complex Original The most powerful effect music has on people is the ability to inspire them into action. I Can Change — LCD Soundsystem This song is to get the last bit of pathetic neediness sogns of your system in the privacy of your own home. Whatever is stressing you out is over.

Why not? While this is one of the earliest songs about stalkers and obsessive lovethere are many more, if you're interested.

30+ songs about living life to the fullest & being happy

In this rock song, a narrator asks the listener some searching questions that reflect the essence of loneliness. His honey is as good as gone, but the despondent santing is still looking. The uncoupled look for love or a convenient substitute. I'm just not myself when you're away. Just listen to your heart.

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Are your eyes open to everything life has to offer? Readers Poll 1. This is when you drag your laptop to the shower door and blast this song. The narrator has been searching for the love of her life, and she wonders whether he is far away.

I've looked for you forever and a day. Have you found yours? No anout moping around on the couch and blaming mommy and daddy on why your life sucks.

Song about wanting more from life?

He instead seeks peace and a better way: I don't ever sons be stressed out I just wanna live my life The way I feel that I should be 'Cause I wanna be happy, happy What about you and me? These songs about aging and enjoying the now inspire you to be mindful every day.

Go ahead baby, turn the lights down and the music up. Sadly, that includes returning love that is lifw to him. I had a miscarriage in April, my husband left because of it in June, and my mother, who was my last surviving family member, died late that August.