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Neurosoup deleted videos

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Neurosoup deleted videos

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Location: I have no home Entropymancer wrote: A few things: 1. Yes, DMT can be taken intrarectally. There doesn't seem to be much point to taking it intrarectally over other parenteral usasexguide san jose of administration ie insufflation. The pharmacodynamics of intrarectal vs. Cocoa butter is a preferred vehicle for introducing substances intrarectally due to its melting point being below your internal temperature, but above room temperature.

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Oh right, because she snitched on Skinner too. I have a few comments to make and some questions.

Now here's the biggy: Krystal Cole the Neurosoup chick as she's more commonly known is a dirty snitching rat. Thanks for any info.

What strikes me is that there are so many posters in various forums and on Youtube calling Krystle Cole or "Krystal" or "Neurosoup girl" a "snitch", and that THAT's the worst thing she adults only bremerton regarding all this. Do not support neurosoup. The local police departments are more concerned with micro growers and we all know their budgets are so stretched and they're forced to focus on things like DUIs and whatnot.

And above all else, I had no idea such evil, like Krystal, even existed She re Wikipedia and Erowid articles so damn cute on her vids! People are creatures of habit.

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Isn't the American Justice System just grand? Namaste, cutie pie! They had tons of couches and beds and a giant bathtub. I realized at the point Krystal's true side would never be brought out in court Still alive or did he commit suicide or die of complications from the assault? This was submissive white boy sickening case to hear about.

She would ask them if they had heard from Brandon See also:.

I beg the courts to be harsh on Krystal and charge her with the maximum penalty available. It's easy to handle because it's solid prior to administration, but it rapidly melts once administered. Answer: "Yes, very delehed so.

When Krystal's pre-memorized story about her involvement with Skinner was regurgitated by attorney David Robertson, my stomach dropped and I felt faint: 'She was just a girl who got caught up in Skinner's manipulation and mind control' italicized in the original. My main interest is not actually in the Pickard aspect. Quote: "Affidavit of Krystle Ann Cole In my humble opinion, Krystal's involvement was greatly played down throughout the court proceedings.

Dude, the Mature chicago just wants to take everything you have, so they can put you in a box where someone else will profit neurosop you being in the box, and then on top of that they make you do slave labour.

Can you Imagine? Almost four years have gone by, and I'm still in constant agony in multiple areas across my body. I am talking of the permanent physical and mental mutilation of Brandon Green, aged 18 at the time.

She was also involved in a situation where she and Skinner kidnapped a young man and tortured him for several days administering a variety of drugs before ditching him in a field in a pile of cow excrement. Btw Krystle calls Brandon "Brad" in her interviews and lame book Lysergic. Question from Pre-Trial Investigator: Do you believe the Defendant is a serious threat to the community?

I was denied defense immunity during that trial. What a cutie pie! viddeos

This is to "protect his identity". Post Extras:. Do the math on how many are working at any time and you'll soon realize if you're not flaunting your wares or being stupid nobody will bother you. None Of This Is Real!

Skinner who is an even shadier character is a government informant who admitted to setting Pickard up as neurosoyp fall guy, illegally tampering with evidence, and chicas escort houston whole host of other things. And she has such an endearing smile! For somebody to commit the types of crimes she has committed, and to show no real s of emotions, she is a loose cannon and is a threat to any community, especially a threat to unsuspecting males.

There are no 12 year old kids that just stumbled onto this site by accident although I'm sure there are some 12 year old kids here and now have an understanding of how to create or obtain psychedelic drugs.

She is the definition of wicked and manipulative. They like the idea of creating and having the knowledge to do so. In old japanese men, Vice released this "investigative report" which completely ignored all parts of Cole's story outside of her being a defenseless drug pixie.

Cocoa butter is a preferred vehicle for introducing substances intrarectally due to its melting point being below your internal temperature, but above room temperature. April 4, Krystal Cole's Pre-Sentence Investigation Report also cites statements of torture victim Brandon Green regarding Krystal Cole's activities prior to and after the kidnapping: "After my body was dumped, Skinner and Cole returned home and proceeded to contact several of my former friends and associates.

Months after my body was discovered in Texas and the three were identified viddeos located, the first assistant D. Krystle was aware of all this and complicit in the instigation of Pickard's demise.

From one single Idea everything appeared here. They held him hostage for six days, injected him with unknown drugsviseos kicked him in the balls for sport.

I heard she has PTSD, god bless her!