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How to say uncaring attitude

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How to say uncaring attitude

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He wished that he could always be like that,—dull, phlegmatic, uncaring. Her father had gone on as long as he could until at last, broken and uncaring he had made one last ditch stand.

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The fine print was a common disclaimer which read "one coupon per customer.

This didn't make much sense to me, and I couldn't imagine them re-calculating percentages on multiple items on a bill every time someone used this coupon. Didn't make much sense.

Her father had gone on as long as he could until at last, broken and uncaring he had made one last ditch stand. Maybe that contributed to the situation being "too overwhelming" for her.

No effort to repair the situation. Immediately, with the uncaring folly of youth, Johnson plunged into the very spot to his friends horror and anxiety.

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The massive beast rose on its hind legs, growled, and Ross walked by it uncaring, unmenaced by the puzzled animal. First she wouldn't honor their coupon I had received on a visit.

The train flew on, uncaring, for trains know not that they are carriers unto destiny. Eight hundred thousand endless, lonely revolutions about an unthinking, uncaring, ungrateful world is quite enough.

Date of visit: May Value. Which she did and took her about 10 minutes.

Words that mention uncaring in the dictionary

They'd have to hire an ant to calculate each bill! Even thought my past experiences were positive, I don't want to walk into a place where I have to worry about being treated like this.

He wished that he could always escort in athens like that,—dull, phlegmatic, uncaring. When I questioned her, she didn't want to discuss it because in her words is was "too overwhelming. New York City, New York 1 Hostile waitress, and uncaring attitude I used to enjoy coming here and turning friends on to this restaurant.

Obviously, they just don't care. Which le me to believe her interpretation was probably as bizarre as her behavior. And when I called to discuss the issue with a manager, she said she was "sorry," but that was it.

But even if her interpretation was correct, she didn't want to take even a few minutes to explain. But when I thought of her so horribly heartless, so uncaring to my unhappiness, I did more than hate her—I utterly despised atttitude. Here she would walk, calling in vain his name to the uncaring winds of heaven.

Hostile waitress, and uncaring attitude - annam brahma restaurant

I didn't even know how to calculate accurately what I ate. Until a hostile waitress ruined it for me. It felt intelligence slipping from it, felt the old, uncaring comfort coming back again.