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Gay celebrity sex story

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Gay celebrity sex story

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Chris removed his shirt, revealing his muscular torso, Derek looked at his body, he admired the stud in front of him. Derek knew how to prepare himself, he knew he was gonna get laid tonight. It was ready.

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I need it more than I ever have. I need it so bad I love having you inside me!

His cock grew to full erection once again while he continued felching his load. Taron was waiting in one of the private rooms. Egerton instantly obeyed; raising his rear-end into the air while remaining pressed against the cushion, in a submissive, puppy-like position. As soon local mature you hit the home of Nifty.

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This time Zac firmly held his lover by the waist with both hands while he thrust himself down repeatedly, showing-off his skill with his hips. The Welsh actor was sitting on a bench in the weightlifting area, anxiously looking over towards the entrance in anticipation. Derek yelled out of pain and pleasure, his ass was being destroyed, destroyed by cock, a huge cock, a cock that belonged backpage lake city fl a handsome stud.

After a few minutes he had developed a sheen of sweat that clung to his dark chest hair. The other men in the gym simply laughed and smiled lewdly as they watched.

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But the mixture of sensations and emotions he was feeling formed the perfect cocktail of delirious ecstasy in ebony escort san marcos young man. See, when it comes sexx a good sex story, what I want is a website that makes it easy for me to get down to business.

Seex this:. Zac walked into the room dressed in full Leather Daddy gear; an open vest, chaps with nothing underneath, and matching hat, all in black.

Thank you so much! My bitch needs me inside him?

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Posted by. Zac was looking beefier and manlier than ever these days, a black tank top struggled to contain his big, hairy chest. Adventures In The Dungeon 8 There are many places in Hollywood where male celebrities can hook-up with each other discretely and have the most mind-blowing sex of their lives. Knowing that he had turned this sexy actor into such an obedient sex-slave was the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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Eventually the man he was waiting for walked in; Zac Efron. The American walked over to a wall of sex toys and fetish gear and grabbed a short leather whip. Yes, please! Zac laughed deviously while he continued. You like having my cock buried inside you?

It was ready. Taron looked back up with a grin on his face.

With an underground section that serves as a sex club catering to a wide range of famous men; actors, athletes, models, and more. Efron began circling the other man and periodically whipping his bare ass. He caught sight of Taron and a grin sez over his handsome, bearded face as he walked over.

Ohhh yes, sir! This comes with the drawback of Nifty not displaying user ratings or having a comment section for the stories - something that I think other sites do well with.


Egerton smiled excitedly and got down on his hands and knees right there in the middle of the gym. Zac stort feel that he was getting close to his first orgasm and started spanking his companion.

You go downstairs and get ready for me, understand? Some of these places are more popular and more kinky than others.

Still, there are millions of word here to read and with all of it being gay, you know you're getting a decent dose of erotic reading material. I better clean-up my last mess before I start a new one. From athletics and college encounters through to interracial sex and age play fantasies, the world is your oyster on Nifty if it's gay text that you're after.

Derek knew how to prepare himself, he knew he was gonna get laid tonight.

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Savoring every squirm and celebeity tremble his ass made around his cock. I needed that. Each strike caused Taron chico asian massage gasp and groan, but the stings of pain also sent jolts of pleasure through his body. He was wearing nothing but a leather harness on his chest and collar around his neck, and he was kneeling on a cushioned platform.