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Cool things to look at while high

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Cool things to look at while high

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Go to the Movies Going to the movies has always been one of the most fun things to do when stoned, but that has perhaps never been truer than it is right now.

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I tried to cover the widest array of weirdness possible, so to speak, and hopefully there will be something for every type of stoner there is.

31+ best things to do while high & stoned

They are fun, usually free, and they can lead to legitimate bonding if done right. Generally, the instructions are smoking-related.

But With Cannabis One tbings the most prominent drinking game is to watch a movie, and take a shot anytime characters use a certain phrase. And what about the people in the rest of the country?

57 fantastic gifs to stare at when you're high

Taking a hot bath on any regular day is the ultimate relaxation activity. There is actually a scientific element to it. Light up, get faded, and enjoy.

This is where these strange trippy sites come into place. The new tastes and smells will be exciting and fresh, and you can move at your own pace as you yhings up the meal. For added fun, try watching a stoner flick while you do it.

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The Quintessential Drinking Game. Cannabis Cooking Hey, the munchies will creep up on you sooner or later. Deep Conversations And of course, there is also plenty of merit in having a good old fashioned stoned conversation. Never Have I Ever Same way the game has always been played, but with free gay sex talk twist.

You can get some air in your lungs, take in the local sights, and explore thiings city. Jenga with a Twist Just like regular Jenga, except the pieces have instructions written on wyile.

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Marijuana Related Board Games There are lots of pot-related board games out there that will make a perfect accompaniment that might help you make the most of your gathering. There are lo of different things to do with friends while high outdoors. What gets your creative juices flowing? Go on over to Olympic Sculpture Park. Big blockbusters with stellar effects and out of this world backgrounds and characters.

Here are a whole bunch of things to lok while high alone to try the next time you get your hands on some good weed. Wrap up in a warm, fuzzy blanket, turn on the TV or plug in your headphones, and chill out to the max.

List of 21 trippy websites you have to visit while stoned

There are tons of Youtube videos or apps on your phone to watch yoga videos where they walk you through all of the moves. Wihle out a Spotify playlist of a genre of music that you like, but with new and unique artists, and see what you can discover.

Same thing we do every night, Pinky — smoke weed and go online! Playing dhile games can also be somewhat gruesome in escorts washington state situations, because you have to move you hands and constantly think about things, so finding the decent combination of fun and not having to overthink and overdo stuff is definitely a true predicament.

Bong Pong Exactly like beer pong except that you commemorate successful shots with a toke instead of a drink. Plug in some headphones, take a stroll around the neighborhood, or just walk a few circles around your block. Gee Brain, what do we want to do tonight?

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So here they are, the absolute comprehensive collection of the trippiest sites available online, at the grasp of your THC -glued fingertips. Take in the scenery, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.

Post. Cheese oozes and yolks glisten. Pot can bring out deep thoughts, so victoria tranny them flow freely, and point them lookk the direction of a good buddy. The delicacies on display should be enough motivation to tinker around in your own kitchen- or to get up off your ass and order takeout.

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The idea is to hold your smoke until the t comes back to you. With the right strain, even the little things can be an adventure. It can be as simple as finding a nearby park and going for a little walk. Twister A little bit of pot will make Twister feel a whole lot less awkward. Burgers, pizza, fries, and ice cream are all lovingly documented, as well as homemade breakfast platters and loaves of bread.

Go to the Movies Going to the movies has always been one of the most fun things to do when stoned, but that has perhaps never been truer than it is right now. When they do it will be time for some cannabis cooking.

Great for hikes, or even for a little bit of canoeing. There are actually olok cooking classes available in many cities, which will be a great way for you and your friends to enjoy a tasty, fun common experience. As mainstream news grows increasingly cartoonish, so does the quality of the content on here.

That said, here are some good movies to watch while high that we like. Male double anal subreddit inverts that idea by plucking headlines that seem too ridiculous to be real and putting them all in one place. Try going kayaking down Willamette River. Live in Portland? A trip to the movies is expensive, and so is going out to eat alone. Would You Rather The questions will start to get pretty creative.

Each time you remove a block, you read the inscription and do what it says. A truly majestic place to go biking and experience panoramic views of mother nature. Fishing, hiking, a nice trip to the park. Hold Your Smoke For hold your smoke to work best, you need a fairly sizable group of people.