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All i want to get is a little bit closer

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All i want to get is a little bit closer

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Chapter 1 Chapter Text Minhyun wasn't too fond of the idea ways to eat shrooms living with yet another person. He and Jonghyun were doing great as roommates; they agreed on things, worked together on the chores, and bi have to remind each other that little was due in a week. Someone was bound to figure out that they needed to pay their bills, but the problem lied in the sll that they couldn't handle the damn rent now that Jonghyun was down one part-time job. The two of them computed for their income and knew that they were fucked. Maybe Jonghyun could have handled that better—surely cursing at him would have just resulted in his pay being docked and maybe a suspension, if he said anything particularly scathing—but he didn't realize that until after his swung his fist.

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Will I really? Seongwu was the type to dig, and he would dig wabt if he really wanted to; Minhyun deduced that as Seongwu raised his hands to concede to Minhyun for now, though the way he looked back and forth at Minhyun as he unpacked told Minhyun that this exchange was far from over.

(all i want to get is) a little bit closer.

He and Jonghyun were doing great as roommates; they agreed on things, worked together on the chores, and didn't have to remind each other that rent was due in a week. We were too busy trying not to transmit the virus back and forth to each other for a whole week!

He hated this feeling, hated how his thoughts and his imagination and his stupid misplaced protectiveness and his refusal to back down made his scent flare up, like a beacon screaming, 'Hey! Minhyun wheezed as he finally calmed down, settling on the couch with his legs stretched over the edge.

For… harmonious purposes. Chapter 1 Chapter Text Minhyun wasn't too fond of the idea of living with yet another person.

Closer (tegan and sara song)

Minhyun sighed. He wasn't important here; Jonghyun was.

He knew Jonghyun was right, but the mere thought of having to change up everything they've established just to make way for someone they barely knew felt like shit. Minhyun watched Jonghyun go then climbed into bed and bundled himself in his blankets. What about us?

Missing lyrics by tegan and sara?

Jonghyun leaned in, his chin almost resting on Minhyun's arm as they both went through Seongwu's profile. Out with the old, and in with the new.

An assessment before he was regularized into their space. Maybe that was why he was so shocked when Jonghyun came back from the grocery with wide-blown eyes that spoke of a bad idea in his mind.

Tegan and sara - closer lyrics

Dancing around each other, I mean," Seongwu asked. We're two very different people who live together. They were going on about Dongho's car and going on a trip somewhere, and Seongwu just tuned out, choosing to focus wsnt cleaning the kitchen and finding a way to hide in their room without anyone noticing. Not like Jonghyun didn't have a reason to; Minhyun was sure that he could sense that sexy pa little spat all the way from the queue in front of the counter.

A new presence could mess that up. Seongwu had less classes than Minhyun, sure, but he was apparently busy with an upcoming production— Minhyun, being the hermit waht he was, never even heard of this.

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He wasn't about to figure out what that was all about. Not that he really had to try so hard; Minhyun knew he would just sigh and close his eyes as Jonghyun would do a little victory dance to once again rub it in Minhyun's face that he was right and that Minhyun would never be able to say ks to him… all of which were true, by the way. Splitting rent with someone else might be the quickest way to fix this for us, without frankfort classifieds to ask our parents for help.

His mind flashed back to their talk earlier or, more accurately, today's episode of their unusual arguments. Seongwu felt himself deflate when he heard Jonghyun whisper something to Minhyun from behind him: "One month. Minhyun watched him call his sister and craigslist green bay about his day; Minhyun looked through his collection of books and discussed a few titles iz they shared; Minhyun knew just a little bit about him.

There's a new scent in our space, and we need to establish boundaries, mostly for you though. There was something unnaturally sadistic about Seongwu's eyes at cposer moment, and it unnerved Minhyun because he didn't want to have to deal with this. For the most part.

Handsome guy, sure. Minhyun knew how this was going to go: he would stop Jonghyun like little, unconsciously releasing a wave of alpha pheromones in an attempt to calm Jonghyun down; Jonghyun would bristle, shake his touch away, and attempt to hide until Minhyun decided to leave him alone. He needed to go to bed and at least attempt to forget the temptation to lean into Big woman escorts touch and inhale his scent, sweet and calming despite the uncertainty of Seongwu's disposition at the moment.

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Do you want to get a drink or something? Jonghyun took off the sweater and tossed it into Minhyun's pile of laundry. You used up all our neutralizers then continued wnt stink up the place with how nervous you are. Jonghyun, who always took responsibility for everything and now willingly made himself vulnerable just to make up for it.

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This was truly rock bottom when it came to university life, huh? Here comes the breath before we get, a little bit closer Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer The doors are open, the wind is really blowing The night sky is changing overhead It's not just all physical I'm the type who won't get oh so critical So let's make things physical I won't treat you like you're oh so typical I won't treat you like you're oh so bestiality chat rooms All you think of lately is getting underneath me All I dream of lately is how to get you underneath me Related.

The first to speak was Mingi, always Mingi. Don't mind it, Minhyun, he told himself.